The Chick Magnet

I have no illusions about myself, I am undoubtedly one of the ugliest looking guys you have ever seen. I’ve got scars, I’ve got my head shaved, I’ve got the top of one ear missing and yet I’m a chick magnet.

That’s right, I can pull the chicks like no one else. I don’t want them for long and they don’t want me for long but then fucking the shit out of them and filling their tight holes full of cum doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

In case you haven’t guessed it we’re not talking about love; we’re talking about plain unadulterated lust. They just want a good hard fucking and they’re going to do it with someone they know that can give it to them.

How do they know I can give it to them? Maybe it’s my ugliness, maybe it’s my hard body, maybe it’s the toothpaste I use. I don’t care what it is just so long as it keeps working and keeps giving me plenty of fresh ass and tits.

And I don’t even have to go looking for pussy because it comes to me. Every night that I work at the club I get at least one chick up against the wall in the back alley. And we’re not talking ugly chicks or desperate and dateless girls either.

For some reason the ‘Security’ tag on my shirt just attracts the hot babes. They might come with a boyfriend and they certainly leave with him but at some stage they’ll slip away for a few minutes for some rough sex with me.

Maybe that’s what does it, the thought of rough sex, who knows but there are some very hot babes out there who like it rough. They don’t even have to say anything to me, just a glance, a longer look, the raise of an eyebrow, a slight nod of the head and before you know it they’ve followed me out into the alley and I’m reaming their love hole.

A perfect example was a brunette babe who came into the club the other night. She had reeked of uptown class. She had long hair that hung down to her waist and she wore a see-through top that was really stretched across her big braless bouncing titties.

Below that she wore a short and tight black skirt, black stockings and black knee-length boots. She had the face of an angel and within five minutes I knew she had the heart of a whore.

She came in with a guy who looked like he had more money than sense and she hung on his arm as though she was totally devoted to him. She might have been too but when we started the glance and look routine I knew she wanted something extra.

I let the routine run for about half an hour. She and her boyfriend had danced a few times and she’d even been giving me the eye while they were out on the floor but once they settled down at the bar it was really on.Continued...

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